Friendly bands photoshootout

We checked live shows from Lovijatar and Church of Void. Here is some shots from the concert. I use only Canon 1.8 50mm lens, you know that one that costs under 100€. I was quite surprised of the results. I tried to use only 1.8F…and well it’s hard. But the […]


Greetings from summerunholydays part 1, Italy

So last part first. Last part? Well summer holiday this year was again in the autumn and it was in two parts. First was soem awesome time at Koli, Finland. Where is that? What is it? Google Koli, you will find out. As a teaser I can say that i […]


Live Beastmilk

Mr.Kvohst from Beastmilk was kind enough to ask me to see their gig in Helsinki, well I was of course interested and even more when it was “photo ok!”. Like Japanese would say. Anyway it was nice venue but not the best for photography. Lights were ok for the people but […]


rainy sunday adventure part.53234

I visited this smooth place I stumbled upon week before. It’s kind of small river part with loads of flowing water. I toked our young dog and went to check it out with camera. Did take some long exposure shots even it was raining. Well pics didn’t turn out as […]


Lens update

Damn hard to update this theme. It has automatic updating…well ok works but the end said that installation finished but could not clean up. Still it was notifying that “update available”. Well I think that now it’s done. Anyway I don’t have any special words for you as usually. Just […]


Shooting Beastmilk

Hi I don’t often get to do real or at least “famous” photo shoots. Here is a bit different shit from the basic “I was in forest”. I had change to take some promo shots of Beastmilk for Metal Hammer. This did happen some months ago last year actually and […]



Hi Just fucking things up with new homepage. Bought this kick ass theme for wordpress and now uploading old works. Main thing what i wan’t to achieve is more visual and portfolio like home. Old gallery was a bit “old” in functionality and in how it represents the images. With […]


Lovijatar – Vainovalkea released!

So, now my first music video has been released. I’m rather satisfied to it. I was hoping that there won’t come these feelings “That could had been a bit different” after the release. Some of the “cuts” could had been done better. But maybe those are ok, at least will […]

Summer part.73243 HP SPECTRE ONE

Official holidays are now gone. Back home and Lovijatar CD layout finished. It’s not 22:40 on Friday “evening” and dead line was Friday. So great success! Must start this long waited post with HP Spectre one talk. Yes computer talk. We spend one week in Belgium with our good friends. […]

Lovijatar Videoshoot part.2

Now all the video material for the music video has been recorded. Only just loads and loads of cutting. Filming day was great. Must thank the amazing people who were there. Everything was handled almost like professional way. We even had catering “service”. There was some issues. For example there […]


Photos ov absence

And news from the front! Well main news is that I am doing first music video. Official music video. And of course it’s for the amazing Lovijatar. First part of the shoot is finished. Location was some Kellariteatteri in Helsinki. Rather nice place. So now editing the live part of […]