Old projects part.76343

Long time ago I took some shots of finnish band. For security reasons I will not tell that the bands name is naildown or something like that. :) Anyway, Fun project. Done with to remote flash and with good evil spirits. Here is some samples from the session. I just wanted to but this out so that it doesn’t go into the deep and vanish.  


Farewell my friend Tuisku

The day we were so afraid of finally came. It was time for Tuisku to jump to the next level. To be come start dust. I always see her eye in the night sky looking down at me. Our journey that lasted for almost 14 years was amazing. There are no words to summarize everything we experienced. Tuisku slept away at home, happy. Yes she was still telling us what to do WUH WUH! and looking happy like always. Her legs just weren’t anymore in the condition that we could watch her anymore. It was just matter of time… Thank you for […]


IR photography

I have been doing some IR photography stuff lately. I bought new IR filter from ebay. I had one before but it got smashed. My filter is from the low end of scale. So how I see is that I can use a bit faster shutter then with my previous filter. Well maybe I should read something about this shit. I’m mostly going by the “feeling”. But anyway, here is some of the shots. I also had the idea that I could make a IR timelapse video. More about that laterz….


Adventure part.76345

This weekend trips were to Kopparnäs. About 60 something km from my home. I had visited this place earlier but somehow I didn’t do research enough and I only visited couple parts of the beach area. This time I found out that this place has much more to offer. For example ravens and other nice animals that I don’t remember in English. Key for achieving anything more special than basic ducks and shit you must be early. I left 6:00 am and at that point the place was totally free of humans. As I would say, at it’s best! If […]


Same shit and same looks etc

Hello World I have changed my service provider. Old days my site was hosted by person called “Sivis”. Now I’m on bluehost.com. Nice to have clpanel and all the nice shits where you can control almost everything. I started to have some problems with my theme, still today I don’t know what the problems were. But somehow the WordPress theme that I use (LEns theme) didn’t load any more then 8 works into portfolio view. Didn’t know and even the Lens theme support didn’t know what was going on. Durin the change and restoring site from sql backup I noted […]


Birthday and xmass and fuK cars

Here is my yearly gift list. Yes this is indented only for people who need to or wan’t to use this. First new audio interface. My old one has faulty headphone plug. It’s not working stereo all the time depending on the movement of cable. I have been searching for mixing device so I can get two computer sounds to one headset. With this device I think I could do it. http://www.thomann.de/fi/alesis_multimix_8_usb_fx.htm Headset, new headset. Don’t have a clue of the device it self. So gift card is ok! For example verkkokauppa etc… New graphic Card, some as above. Gift […]

Happy Birthday Taika

Couple of words about random and really professional dog shooting that took place in the dark forest. Main goal was to take some 2 years happy birthday pics of our Taika dog. Nothing of the shoot was planned. I just had my flash things with me and off we go. Afecter just common random shooting this idea of jumping picture came to mind. As she is rather super brilliant dog it was easy to control her so that she would jump to the toy from certain direction. After some tests the outcome was much better than I first thought. I […]

Sigma 150-600mm sport review

Here is small review about that Sigma lens. I’m not good in writing or nor I have any experience about reviews. These are my views and experiences with the lens. So I had been looking for longer mm then 200mm for a long time. I don’t remember how I found this lens. Maybe just reading something about some zoom lens around the interwebz. Anyway I watched some sample shots and thought that this looks good. Then I checked some youtube reviews about the lens. Well they were a bit mixed up. Some negative words about the weight of the lens […]

Flashbox SMDV Speedbox Diffuser-60

Hello dear readers. That start was a joke. Mainly because no one reads this. But anyway. I got couple of those diffuser boxes. I have 50 and 60inch models. I got them trough doing some graphic for for one band. I use them with nissing flashes and it works really nicely. Well my experience so far is not mind blowing. Only two times I have used them. Once I took photos of my friends family and the other one is dogs. Of course the family photos are personal for them and will not be displayed here. But the dogs can be […]