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Hello 2018

Ok, first post of 2018. I have been away. Sorry website. But I do have reasons. New day job, new website Why new website? Well it’s like this but clean of all strange things. More socially correct webpage I would say. It was actually part for my CV. Anyways I have’t had time for taking new photos lately. Just learning the new job and it’s tricks. Well basically it’s the same job but still different. Dark Elite album is in the press. Finally! Doing some new songs! Also planning to create new band. It will be Elderthrones resurrected! Or […]

Summer holiday 2017

Some kind of report from holiday. Well mostly photos because I’m not that of a storyteller. Photos from Koli. Yes we again wen’t to koli and Hattusaaren Rantamajat. Awesome place. Now the cottages even have fiber internet connection and that is mad. Dogs loved the place. Everyday straight into the water…of course unless told other vice. Both of them are officially water crazies. Also daily adventures did suck the dog batteries rather empty from time to time. I did tell my self that I need to write about those two “Village persons” that Koli has. One is that old guy […]

Adventure part.76345

This weekend trips were to Kopparnäs. About 60 something km from my home. I had visited this place earlier but somehow I didn’t do research enough and I only visited couple parts of the beach area. This time I found out that this place has much more to offer. For example ravens and other nice animals that I don’t remember in English. Key for achieving anything more special than basic ducks and shit you must be early. I left 6:00 am and at that point the place was totally free of humans. As I would say, at it’s best! If […]