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Iceland 2017

Hello. I visited Iceland. I visited EVE online fanfest. I was a bit sick the hole trip, shit. Here is some photos I managed to take during this trip. Those wide images are not just cropped images. They are actually around 15 000 to 20 000 pixels width. Yeah baby!

Re-design spotify, plz part.632453

Ok, so spotify on Android phone. I got my self a new amazing Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge. Yep really nice phone with nice camera. I like Spotify. I listen to spotify when I walk the dog or drive the car etc. I just at some point got pissed off by this really easy small design thing on the phone client. The image on the left is original and on the right is me redesign. Well yep I know. It’s not that big re-design. Spotify why, why are all the menu items positioned on the bottom row? Probably because then you […]

New Family member

Say hello to this little Kelpie. Her name is Havu (Pine), we call havu as the sharp needle in the pine tree. Well that probaply didn’t make any sense. Anyway she is here and here is some shots of her. Also I think my Instagram account is heavily powered by Kelpies, so stay tuned!

IR photography

I have been doing some IR photography stuff lately. I bought new IR filter from ebay. I had one before but it got smashed. My filter is from the low end of scale. So how I see is that I can use a bit faster shutter then with my previous filter. Well maybe I should read something about this shit. I’m mostly going by the “feeling”. But anyway, here is some of the shots. I also had the idea that I could make a IR timelapse video. More about that laterz….

Birthday and xmass and fuK cars

Here is my yearly gift list. Yes this is indented only for people who need to or wan’t to use this. First new audio interface. My old one has faulty headphone plug. It’s not working stereo all the time depending on the movement of cable. I have been searching for mixing device so I can get two computer sounds to one headset. With this device I think I could do it. Headset, new headset. Don’t have a clue of the device it self. So gift card is ok! For example verkkokauppa etc… New graphic Card, some as above. Gift […]

Sigma 150-600mm sport review

Here is small review about that Sigma lens. I’m not good in writing or nor I have any experience about reviews. These are my views and experiences with the lens. So I had been looking for longer mm then 200mm for a long time. I don’t remember how I found this lens. Maybe just reading something about some zoom lens around the interwebz. Anyway I watched some sample shots and thought that this looks good. Then I checked some youtube reviews about the lens. Well they were a bit mixed up. Some negative words about the weight of the lens […]

Flashbox SMDV Speedbox Diffuser-60

Hello dear readers. That start was a joke. Mainly because no one reads this. But anyway. I got couple of those diffuser boxes. I have 50 and 60inch models. I got them trough doing some graphic for for one band. I use them with nissing flashes and it works really nicely. Well my experience so far is not mind blowing. Only two times I have used them. Once I took photos of my friends family and the other one is dogs. Of course the family photos are personal for them and will not be displayed here. But the dogs can be […]

How to timelapse?

That is hard question that I have been trying to solve. Not an easy task, I like to do everything in a “Perse edeltä kuuseen” way. That means to climping to tree with your ass first. I didn’t read any tutorials. I didn’t watch any real tutorial videos. Mainly just videos that have timelapse already done and ready. Wow that shit looks I tough. Yep yep…not that easy. I will make here some steps/points about timelapse creation. 1. Location! You see these amazing timelapses in vimeo and youtube etc. Yep they are amazing because they are done by professionals in […]

Friendly bands photoshootout

We checked live shows from Lovijatar and Church of Void. Here is some shots from the concert. I use only Canon 1.8 50mm lens, you know that one that costs under 100€. I was quite surprised of the results. I tried to use only 1.8F…and well it’s hard. But the depth is so deeeeeeeep that I already started to think about buying better version of that lens some day.