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Iceland 2017

Hello. I visited Iceland. I visited EVE online fanfest. I was a bit sick the hole trip, shit. Here is some photos I managed to take during this trip. Those wide images are not just cropped images. They are actually around 15 000 to 20 000 pixels width. Yeah baby!

New Family member

Say hello to this little Kelpie. Her name is Havu (Pine), we call havu as the sharp needle in the pine tree. Well that probaply didn’t make any sense. Anyway she is here and here is some shots of her. Also I think my Instagram account is heavily powered by Kelpies, so stay tuned!

Farewell my friend Tuisku

The day we were so afraid of finally came. It was time for Tuisku to jump to the next level. To be come start dust. I always see her eye in the night sky looking down at me. Our journey that lasted for almost 14 years was amazing. There are no words to summarize everything we experienced. Tuisku slept away at home, happy. Yes she was still telling us what to do WUH WUH! and looking happy like always. Her legs just weren’t anymore in the condition that we could watch her anymore. It was just matter of time… Thank you for […]

Same shit and same looks etc

Hello World I have changed my service provider. Old days my site was hosted by person called “Sivis”. Now I’m on Nice to have clpanel and all the nice shits where you can control almost everything. I started to have some problems with my theme, still today I don’t know what the problems were. But somehow the WordPress theme that I use (LEns theme) didn’t load any more then 8 works into portfolio view. Didn’t know and even the Lens theme support didn’t know what was going on. Durin the change and restoring site from sql backup I noted […]