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PhotoBlog Part.634543

I don’t have much to say about this morning trip. It was nice. I had nice juice. I got migraine at the first location. After that I mostly roamed around the country side. We can talk about one picture and it’s this. Well yeah, It’s not real. I was hoping to see moose in the fog but didn’t. So I added it later on because I can. Fun test at least… Soon it’s summer holiday and this means that one week in Lappeenranta and two weeks at Koli. So loads of Video and Photos.

Random shots part.62342

Hello there Internet persons. Here is some random shots from couple of photo walks I have had. Not much to tell about these. Mostly nature shots. I did last weekend on my early walk think about some things. Some nice things. Mostly how much I do despise human race and the modern humanity that has fucked it-self on so many levels that it makes my head explode.  But anyway, from there I wen’t to think about “rule book” that every human should follow when it comes to nature, nature that humans are not part of. At least not anymore. Human […]

Dryocopus martius

Hello dear internet of obsolete things and people. Last weekend I got the pleasure to take photos of Black Woodpecker (Dryocopus martius). Thanks to Tuula for tipping about this. “Mother/Father” was a bit careful and didn’t arrive if I would had been standing right next to the nest. So plan was to take photos with remote controller. Luckily my new Meike ebay shopped battery grip has build in remote with time lapse etc functions. Well anyway the idea was great. We do have new car and I didn’t yet have all my crap transferred to the new car. For example […]

Iceland 2017

Hello. I visited Iceland. I visited EVE online fanfest. I was a bit sick the hole trip, shit. Here is some photos I managed to take during this trip. Those wide images are not just cropped images. They are actually around 15 000 to 20 000 pixels width. Yeah baby!

Winter Frost 56123

Oh thank you planet and chaos for Saturdays frost. I had the opportunity to go out and take couple of frost shots. Keeping in mind the pale, the dead, the wall canvas art kind of crap that people would but on their wall. Yes I can sell you one of these images and you can print it to canvas board thing. It would be such great success for you.  

Dog Portraits

I have long wanted to  take couple shots of our dogs with BLACK background. Black dogs and black background. Awesome! of course! I have lost me flash remote transmitter so flash was out of the picture. I used two “video lights”. The way lights are positioned is rather simple and you can find it out in the pictures. If not…then please go away. After the shots some lightroom adjustments and after that trough Photoshop. What did I do in Photoshop? Well I removed all unnessesary things like hairs/dust etc. Then I did some eye magig also. Eyes are not that […]

New Family member

Say hello to this little Kelpie. Her name is Havu (Pine), we call havu as the sharp needle in the pine tree. Well that probaply didn’t make any sense. Anyway she is here and here is some shots of her. Also I think my Instagram account is heavily powered by Kelpies, so stay tuned!

Experimental part7345543

For long time now, since our office moved to new location. I have had these printer inks. Also on the same move I got one old aquarium that had served in our cool IT room for aeons. With these two I had in mind the old classic water and ink flowing down to the bottom. I did manage to do it…at last. But well it was a bit harder than I tought. Why you might ask? Well only actual reason is that the water would need to be easy to change. Think about having 60l of water and no clever […]

Old projects part.76343

Long time ago I took some shots of finnish band. For security reasons I will not tell that the bands name is naildown or something like that. :) Anyway, Fun project. Done with to remote flash and with good evil spirits. Here is some samples from the session. I just wanted to but this out so that it doesn’t go into the deep and vanish.