Re-design spotify, plz part.632453

Ok, so spotify on Android phone. I got my self a new amazing Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge. Yep really nice phone with nice camera. I like Spotify. I listen to spotify when I walk the dog or drive the car etc. I just at some point got pissed off by this really easy small design thing on the phone client. The image on the left is original and on the right is me redesign. Well yep I know. It’s not that big re-design. Spotify why, why are all the menu items positioned on the bottom row? Probably because then you can easily use it with one hand? right? Well why in the hell will the the search field be up there?

After you press the Search button on the bottom row, you will get that picture that you see on the left. No it doesn’t activate the search action straight, now you need to do magig move with your thump to the up “Search” field. After that you can write your search words. Absolutely does not make sense. It should trigger the search function all the way to the input state or just move the field down like I have done on the fixed image.

Well that’s was nice story about spotify app design. Let’s see if they ever do anything to it. :)

Aftermath: I at some point realized that this actually is like this in other Android apps also. So is this actually some Android quideline? For example Phonebook is in the same way, the search field is on top…hmmm