Dryocopus martius

Hello dear internet of obsolete things and people. Last weekend I got the pleasure to take photos of Black Woodpecker (Dryocopus martius).

Thanks to Tuula for tipping about this.

“Mother/Father” was a bit careful and didn’t arrive if I would had been standing right next to the nest. So plan was to take photos with remote controller. Luckily my new Meike ebay shopped battery grip has build in remote with time lapse etc functions. Well anyway the idea was great. We do have new car and I didn’t yet have all my crap transferred to the new car. For example my tripod. I managed to get one really crappy tripod that did the job.

Here is nice picture of my setup. Open the image to see the amazing red lines that will tell everything.

Anyway, it was success and I managed to get decent images of these birds. Also at the same time I realized that other camera with good lens would be nice. There was couple of rather juicy targets while I was following the situation. ;)
What gear did I use? Well 5D Mark III is my camera and lens was Sigma S 150-600.

Here is some shots of the black woodpecker and well…of dogs of course.