Dark Elite – Void Omnipotent Music Video


So finally I got our first music video released. Before that we released sampler and one lyric video. This video was highly inspired by Dissection – Starless Aeon. No unnecessary shit like plot etc. Just playing the song. No need for other crap. We just play the song and camera shakes like cataclysmic event would be destroying this planet.

The most best part on the video is the sparks at some point. Symbols the fire in the heart. Budget of the video was around 20€. I did bought some beer and snacks for us.
Editing was done in Premiere and After Effects. If I would think something that didn’t “go so good” with this project. It was actually the fact that we filmed too much material.

Also we did take some “promotional photos”.

Here is preview of the front of our album. Just a screen capture from the video. Idea is mainly to mock the belief of heaven/Hell & view of Good/Evil. Bot triangles symbol those and in the end the great void will devour everything.