Random shots part.62342

Hello there Internet persons.
Here is some random shots from couple of photo walks I have had. Not much to tell about these. Mostly nature shots.

I did last weekend on my early walk think about some things. Some nice things. Mostly how much I do despise human race and the modern humanity that has fucked it-self on so many levels that it makes my head explode.  But anyway, from there I wen’t to think about “rule book” that every human should follow when it comes to nature, nature that humans are not part of. At least not anymore. Human race has lost that contact long time ago.

When human visits nature or forest. Human is not allowed to touch anything. Human is not allowed to talk. Humans should not be in groups. Humans are allowed only to be on dedicated ares. Humans should think them selves as time travelers who are not allowed to do absolutely nothing! Because they probably would fuck everything up.

…And the list would go on. Humans are so fucking pathetic that even if their own law system has protected a certain place from them selves (humans)…they still do things they shouldn’t. Kille each other, that is fine.

Also don’t talk to other humans when you see them in the forest. They might not care shit about your “hello”.

Ok, I could go on and on about these things. I’ll stop for now. :)

Photos are from Lappeenranta, Near Tampere somewhere, Uusi-Maa area, Lohja (Torholan luola).