Summer holiday 2017

Some kind of report from holiday. Well mostly photos because I’m not that of a storyteller. Photos from Koli. Yes we again wen’t to koli and Hattusaaren Rantamajat. Awesome place. Now the cottages even have fiber internet connection and that is mad.

Dogs loved the place. Everyday straight into the water…of course unless told other vice. Both of them are officially water crazies. Also daily adventures did suck the dog batteries rather empty from time to time.

I did tell my self that I need to write about those two “Village persons” that Koli has. One is that old guy with bicycle, hanging around the main shop and then the other is that strange guy who always goes trough the bottle trash at that place. If you read this and have visited Koli village central place many times from day after day. You know what I’m talking about. Nothing bad in those characters. Mostly funny and nice.

I did take “personal” photo walks but didn’t see any bears. I did have nice time taking photos of some hawks.

Also greetings to that couple who I met at the high tower. Where the air is thin and it will affect the breathing. :)
Probably you guys never ended up to my homepage but it was nice to talk with you.

And again, those panorama shots are actually 20 000 – 30 000 pixels wide. So really wide. No wide lens used. I actually took almost all photos with my massive Sigma 150-600mm lens. Of course not all of them but it nova days my main tool.

I did take some TimeLapse footage also. I Started to plan making something along the lines MASTERTIMESLIDEMOVIEVIDEO that will have all the goodies I have captured along the way. This time I must produce music my self as all my old videos are almost gone because I used TENHI’s music on the background.

Anyway great unholydays and great times. Hatred towards city living expanded uncontrollably!!!