Hello 2018

Ok, first post of 2018.

I have been away. Sorry website. But I do have reasons. New day job, new website www.honkamies.net.

Why new website? Well it’s like this but clean of all strange things. More socially correct webpage I would say. It was actually part for my CV.

Anyways I have’t had time for taking new photos lately. Just learning the new job and it’s tricks. Well basically it’s the same job but still different.

Dark Elite album is in the press. Finally!

Doing some new songs! Also planning to create new band. It will be Elderthrones resurrected! Or something else, something primitive.

Anyway, more photography related things can be found from my blog at www.honkamies.net
Will continue uploading here also. But will probaply talk some other things here also.