Hello World!OV4B7098

Here are the interesting facts.

yep That’s me on the right side

Canon 5 D Mark III with loads of lenses, loads of other gear, always flash light setup in my car, Dogs, German shepherd, Australian Kelpie, Nature, City’s are usually not interesting, Cities are full of dangerous people, City’s stink, Finland, Black Metal, Death Metal, Forests, strange music, Ibanez, jackson, Acoustic Dean, some Bass,Autumn, Winter and Spring, Computers and more computers, Day job is doing computer stuff, Photos are just my hobby, Iceland is the best after Finland, Norway is the Third best country, Sweden is not interesting at all, Eve Online addict (give me isk!), Bad player in Rocket League, My band Dark Elite (check here), Bass in Battlelore, I do paintings (probably not the best), Nissan X-trail, aaaargh,

I’m ready for work if you got some. I will not do it if I’m not interested. Not doing this shit for the money. Case by case! master(a)death-illustrated.net

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