DIY Lens

I made macro lens out of some junk lens parts I had lying around. Don’t know if it’s any good. At least it looks really cool. Needs just some blinking leds and it would be made by the Borg!

Why I did this is I am missing good macro, I have Canon 5D MArk II that is full censor camera and it doesn’t have the crop 1.6 factor so none of my existing lenses work as macro.

1. Pringles tube. Eat the chips or don’t, up to you.
2. Broken canon 50mm lens parts etc…
3. hot clue…

One technical thing I noticed or well I had to deal with was that the bottom part of the broken lens that attach to camera. When I attached it and toked photo camera gave me an error. Error was that it couldn’t correctly talk to lens. So I had to cripple it.

Here is what I did, just removed some of the connectors. Yes important is to start from left or right. and test it out. :D

Here is before

And here is after the destroying
 That’s about it. I might do some more tweaking later on.

Here is the making off pictures and also some test shots with the “thing”. :D
Eye pics are B/W because I used so high ISO that it came a bit too fuzzy. I will take more test pics when I see the sun for the next time.


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