Yet again somthing like photoblog.

Doomed is the earth we stand on!

Yes I feel again the stupidity of mankind. It’s overwhelming!

No I won’t write more about that. I hope you understand me.

I have had several Ideas what to write here along this week. Somehow they seem good when thinking about them but after a while…it ends to the same conclusion. Why bother. In the nobody reads them. So let’s show you dear readers some nice photos!

Here is mainly shots from my phone but also couple form the real camera. Nothing special but nice dog shots anyway.

I actually managed to get some nice shots from the river today. I will work on them during this week…maybe tomorrow. At last something for the real gallery.

Actually I have been rather lazy making any image manipulations lately. What is wrong with me. Well everything and nothing. How could there be anything wrong with me as I am elite and perfect. You in the other hand most probably are not. Ok we are all human waste.

In the end would it be exiting to be part of a larger organism. We are all tiny tiny functioning parts of evil organism that will suck the life out of our host. While knowing our goal the ultimate end. The death of our selves and we still drive forth like maniacs.

If we think tumor, tumors starts when cell goes bad and the kill switch system within the cell wont work as it should. Basicly it should kill the “broken” cell. This happens all the time in our bodies. Sometimes just things don’t work. So it starts to eat and grow and crow endlessly without any certain goal. Only to grow! So the failure in the system started all this.

Humans have killed that kill switch simply by trying to be too “wise”. Making rules making society making religions and MAKING MONEY AND PROFIT. Because of all these things the main focus has been lost. …Or should I say that mankind has switched that kill switch on. :)

Anyway you know, all goes to hell in the end. And there will be NO divine intervention! probably the closest thing would be some cataclysmic disaster.


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